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Internet Marketing Gives You a Powerful Marketing System with Proven Lead Generation Results

Internet marketing is the future of your small or medium-sized business. You need it to compete and profit.

Digital Marketing Support offers you a unique Internet marketing service that delivers a consistent flow of targeted real-time leads directly to your inbox, gathers and then moves them through lead conversion follow up and customer follow up campaigns online.

Digital Marketing provides you with an efficient and effective substitute for permanent employees, and a genuine alternative to developing and executing effective Internet marketing tasks internally, while ensuring you a successful launch into a powerful marketing channel with proven lead generation results.

For example, an Internet marketing client in the mortgage loan industry, over the last three years, attracted $30M in private investment money at the right price from exclusive leads generated online with our unique Internet marketing service.

This Professional Internet Marketing Service Features:

Digital Marketing provides these valuable Internet marketing and advertising resources to small and medium-sized sales-driven organizations with revenues between $3M and $10M.

Our service strategy for the sales-driven organizations is to enable your sales department to drive sales revenue and new opportunities to your company.

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Now Learn the Benefits of Locally Outsourcing Your Internet Marketing Tasks

Outsourcing your Internet marketing tasks locally to Digital Marketing Support allows you to:

The idea that website marketing can be outsourced successfully is gaining acceptance, principally among businesses that have not integrated newer online marketing activities with their traditional, offline marketing because they assumed they "couldn't afford it."

Business organizations your size find it difficult to authorize permanent website marketing staff on the basis of either cost and/or time. And rightly so.

A survey study published in the January 2008 DM News magazine entitled "Healthy SEM Salaries Rule," reveals that experience in website marketing, also referred to as search engine marketing, brings a high price tag.

If you were looking to hire someone with five years of experience in search engine marketing, you could anticipate to pay between $100,000 and $200,000 annually, according to the survey results. For employees with less than five years, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 per year.

Fortunately, hiring full-time/permanent website marketing employees is not the only option available to your organization if you want to save money and still enjoy the benefits of website marketing.

Digital Marketing Support gives your company the flexibility of controlling just how much time and money you want to allocate to the website marketing function and still have local people with expertise and experience managing and implementing the tasks at a price you can afford.

Although the needs of every company differ, the benefits that Digital Marketing Support delivers to you in fitting the marketing pieces together and getting measurable results represents a huge opportunity for most small and medium-sized companies like yours.

Discover These Outstanding Additional Features that Enhance Your Experience

Digital Marketing Support services bring all this value and much, much more, including these essential deliverables as part of your total service experience:

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How Our System Works for You in the Real World

Marketing processes and Internet technology do not mean much until you put them together in a working system that gathers prospects, moves them through a sales process and finally converts them into customers.

The Digital Marketing Support service employs a very simple but powerful Internet marketing system. We know the big picture, how the parts fit together and how to build and manage an Internet marketing system that hums like a well-oiled machine.

The illustration below gives you a full picture of how we put everything together into a workable system for your small or medium-sized organization.

Website Marketing System

What Kinds Of Organizations Can Benefit Most From Our Service?

What Business Categories Can Benefit Most?

If you are even thinking about integrating and organizing your online marketing activities to develop leads online, you'll want to look into this unique Internet marketing service.

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P.S. Of course, one of the MOST VALUABLE components of The Digital Marketing Support system is the fact that the leads that come to you "straight from the submit button" are yours and yours alone.

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